Friday, January 31, 2014

Reflection Homework Assignment

A fifth grade teacher wanted to show her students what happens when you put your photo online
Ryan Roderick


While looking at this article it bought me back to my sohomore year in highschool. A classmate of mine had tooken a picture of another cloassmate of mine and compared it side by side with a monkey. Though his situation is different from what happen in the artcile is still had a connection. the photoshopped picture of my classment had went viral all around the school and got the creator suspended.

I showed me that obe little joke can be turned into something bigger than what it actually is.

Assignment 1

How do you use online photography ?

I am very big on social networks. I am also very big on taking pictures and uploading them on social networks. I mostly use instagram to upload pictures of things i like, but when i have to post things about my family i use facebook since i only have people i know. On twitter i also post pictures, but those pictures are more funny then anything else. When i post pictures i like people to know more.