Tuesday, February 18, 2014


The picture describes the people who are closest to me as of now. Left to right is my sister, myself, my best friend, mother, and father. The reason why i chose this picture was because it was my best friends sweet sixteen which we happen to have the same birthday. I chose this specifically because i feel like when i turned sixteen my life changed dramatically, i transferred schools and my mother went bankrupted. My grandfather had recently gone through a cardiac arrest which made him never be the same after that. The people in this picture have really went through everything that has happen in my life with me. 

Friday, February 7, 2014

Miserable RIC student
Breaks through class wishing it would just end
Trying to look glad when in reality I just want to leave
Getting good grades but thinking about a nice autumns eve
Wishing I was in a beach with a book and my family 
Sipping diet coke with my best friend Ashley 
A Rhode Island College student just trying to pass
With a funny laugh and a nice sas

Viewing Me

I feel like both these pictures show vey different sides of me. The first picture of me shows that i get bored easily which is not the message i wanted to deliver. The second picture shows that i can be vey artistic. Im the type of person who finds art in anything so by taking pictures everywhere i hope to deliver that message. I was waking through campus yesterday and noticed how beautiful the snow looked on the trees so i knew i had to capture it with a photo. 

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Perspective Images

Depending on the many different angles a picture can be taken it can say alot about your personality and what you chose to show the world. I chose this back view of myself because i personally am not so comfortable with my body so i felt as though i could i could still show myself in a discreet but fun way. with y posture you can tell that even though i didn't know when my classmate was taking the picture I am always aware of whats going on.

In the second photo i chose to show my footwear. I chose this photo because i wanted to stay in the theme of discrete and thought it would be a un way to show of my fashion sense. I chose to put discrete images of myself because i want the audience to keep viewing my stuff so they would be interested to find out more of who i am if i continuously upload interesting pictures like this.